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Author note :

Well first I appologize for this not-so-well-placed Author note, but there are things, my dear readers, that you need to know before the start of this story, and, well, the author comment on dA is placed below the deviation, so, here, author note ! x)

First of all, please note that english is not my mother tongue. I'm far from perfect at it, so I'd appreciate very much any fair critique about my work, and please do point any grammar/spelling error, non idiomatic expression, ect.

Secondly, this is a fanfiction about the Legend of Zelda. It will contain major spoilers about the Skyward Sword game, so I highly suggest you to play it first. (It's totally worth it: it's a very good game anyway).

I got the plot idea while reading the manga released in the Hyrule Historia book by Akira Himekawa. While the story was interesting, it was too short and was lacking much detail. I'm hoping to fill the holes with this story.

It will be divided in two main parts : the first one will explain the myth of creation of Hyrule, and give a little infos about the Three Godesses, and the origins of Hylia and Demise, while the second one will be focused on the first Chosen Hero and his battle against evil.

I hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks for reading !.


    Castle Town, year 1442 of the Shadow Era.

    From Theodora Longwood, Master Archaeologist, to Shaddai Melokar, Royal Historian of Hyrule.

    Dear Shad,

    My dear friend, it’s been quite some time since my last letter, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for my lack of communication, but I’ve been rather busy until now. I do hope though, that the content of this letter shall make you forgive me for my thin consistency.

    I have some very good news to tell you about. Do you remember that rotting old book I discovered three months ago, buried deep in the Royal Library shelving? I’m sure you do. It was quite a shock to find such an ancient relic so close, wasn’t it? Ah, but I digress.

    Good news I said: the book was written in a language no one ever read or heard, and it seemed very ancient. Fortunately, it bore enough resemblance with archaic Hylian for Ishkar to start working on it. That boy is impressive when it comes to ancient languages. It took him only a couple of weeks to figure the basic grammar and enough vocabulary to start the translation process. I’d pass over his constant bragging though. He needs to learn his place; maybe as his uncle you’re the best to give him the scolding he’s due for.

    Ah pardon me, I’m rambling again… Anyway, let’s get back on track. I joined to this letter a copy of Ishkar’s first draft. I think you’ll find this interesting: the book relates the myth of the creation of our world by the Three, but even though it is rather similar to the tale most of us are taught as a child, it bears some remarkable differences. I’ll let you judge that by yourself.

    I’m so excited! This book may be the proof I was missing to prove that our civilization is far older than we thought. I am not sure yet, but I strongly feel like this book is anterior to the Force Era, and maybe even older than the several bird statues my team discovered scattered all over Hyrule. I have no proof yet, and I know the book should have turned to dust in such a long period of time, but… I feel it in my guts. I know this book will help us understand the origins of our civilization. I know there’s a reason why it has remained until our time came. Maybe a blessing of the Three, eh?

    I wish to know your thoughts about all this. Please pardon me for the incomplete manuscript, but I couldn’t wait for Ishkar to complete his task. I’ll make sure to send you the rest of it as soon as he’s done. Enjoy your reading, my friend! I know you will.

    Yours very sincerely,

I reupoloaded the prologue since the pdf thingie was causing some trouble.

Next chapter > [link]

Well, this is my first try at writing a fanfiction. It is very short, but I think the next chapters will be longer.

I must confess that I'm in love with the Zelda universe, and I really enjoy reading good fanfics. (there aren't too many good ones though, what a shame !)

I've tried to write something original, and I posted it here for a while, but it was sooooo bad my eyes bled after I reread it. I really, really need some practice to improve. And creating a new world from scratch is an incredibly difficult task. I'm not sure I can do that yet. Writing something in a world that is already set, and especially a rich one like the LoZ universe, is SO much easier. It allows me to focus on the plot and writing more, and thus makes a nice execise.

As to why I wrote it in english, despite it not being my mother tongue : first of all, I did it to get more attention. The majority of people on this site are english-speaking...
Secondly, the more I read it, the more I love that tongue. It's really a nice one, much richer than I thought at first. English has a lot of expressions, especially for body language and emotions, that french is lacking.
And last, it's a good practice and a good way for me to improve with a foreign language :)

I hope you'll enjoy the story. Let me know in a comment ? :)

Oh before I forget, the Legend of Zelda universe belongs to nintendo, the rest is mine.
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